Rise Of The Drones is an information packed video training course about business and career opportunities in the fast emerging field of drones, also called Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Download more than 5 hrs of informative HD videos, e-books, and audiobook MP3 files.
You will learn detailed lessons about:
-The many useful applications for UAVs
-Why safety must always be a top priority
-How to select a beginner’s training drone
-How to select a drone for business
-How to build your skills with minimal cost
-Why to NOT promote your drone operator services
-The FAA certification processes required for legal commercial flights
-Who you need to have on your flight and business team
-Companies currently hiring drone operators and technicians
– Examples of drone businesses in other countries
-A glossary of UAV terms
-Hundreds of web resources
-And more

Guest presenters include:
-Keith Kaplan, CEO the Tesla Foundation & UAVSA
-John Buell, UAS pilot/co-founder Drone Pilots LLC
-Zay Collier, founder Phoenix Arising Aviation Academy

This is the perfect course for new drone hobbyists, veteran RC pilots, seasoned private pilots, students, teachers, makers, tinkerers, tech freelancers and entrepreneurs. Skilled videogamers also make great drone pilots!

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Or call- 240-507-JOBS (5627)